Christmas Trees

Florida Christmas Tree Types

  • Virginia Pines
    • similar to Scotch Pines
    • holds heavy ornaments
  • Cedar
    • native popular tree
    • nice aroma
  • Leyland Cypress
    • hybrid nice-shaped tree

Caution / Notes

  • watch out for fire ants, stumps, holes, wildlife (including armadillo holes & reptiles), sharp saws, etc.
  • please do not pet animals in the field or neighbor’s cattle. (Electric Fence)
  • pets must be on a leash. No dangerous dogs in field.
  • parents are responsible for their children’s safety, please keep them with you in the field and around farm pens.
  • help prevent forest fires… please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground
  • restrooms are located on the west side of the red barn
  • do not lock your car keys in your vehicle… locksmiths charge $36 to $65 to unlock your vehicle.
  • please water your Christmas tree daily so that it will not dry out.
  • we do not recommend adding any type of Christmas tree preservative… just plain water
  • we have sprayed Christmas trees for aphids and insects but should they appear, use household insect spray.
  • Christmas tree shakers, twine, saws, and Christmas tree balers are at the little red building (please ask one of our workers if you need your
  • Christmas tree drilled for the “spike” type of Christmas tree stands.
  • During rainy weather the steep hills may become slippery. Please consider coming to the farm when the weather is good for a more pleasant outing.
  • electric tree shakers will not shake wet needles out of trees after it has rained, needles cling to tree.
  • cashier’s window is on the front of the red barn, north side.
  • customer is responsible for tying tree on vehicle – free twine is on front of little red building. If you need assistance, please ask one of our workers to help you.
  • The entrance area (Greeting Area) is one way traffic. Please park on roads where other customers can pass your vehicle. Thank You!